40th Birthday Presents

Working for the past 20 years in a personalised gift shop has given me literally 1000′s of ideas for a 40th birthday presents. The first thing that I tell any customer looking for a 40th birthday gift is to choose something that you think the person will still treasure in years to come.

I will often tell husbands buying for wives to choose jewellery as it will last for many years and can also be inscribed which makes it that more special. Personalisation of gifts is something that I have become an expert in, and I can say hand on heart that it can turn a normal present into something amazing.

An example could be the average gift of a bottle of wine. On its own its not particularly interesting or even that attractive. However if we added a personalised label to the bottle and was even able to obtain a bottle from a year that was very special to the recipient then this is now a present to be proud of.

Gifts for women can be as simple as their favourite chocolate or as magnificent as a 4 day pass to their favourite 5 star hotel. With any type of gift, if you can add a touch of yourself to it then it becomes a lot more personal. If you booked a holiday for your 40 year old wife, then try and fill the room with her favourite flowers and get scented candles for the bathroom. Make sure her favourite magazine/book is available. Try and add those extra special touches that will make the present magical and remembered in many years to come.

Finding a 40th Birthday present can be difficult but remember that time taken to find the perfect gift is all part of the experience. Try to enjoy thinking about what your loved one will enjoy. Once you have the perfect gift then the smile on their face will make it all worth it.