The 60 Second Presentation

If you attend any networking meetings or breakfast clubs, you need to be well prepared if you’re going to get the most out of them and get those referrals. So many people I see at the various meetings I attend are ill prepared and just don’t deliver a message that is ever going to win business and generate referrals. In almost every case, it’s simple because they aren’t well prepared and don’t have a process for the presentation.

Below is a proven 6-step process that I and my clients have used many times with success. The example below is one that a client of mine uses and almost always generates interest and contacts wherever she goes. It might not be one you can use for your business, but it serves as an example of how we have applied the process to her business.

The 6-step process for the 60 second presentation is:

1. Your name, where you’re from and the company you’re representing

2. What you do (think in terms of benefits you offer, not features)

3. The type of people you’re looking for (who do you know who…) – be specific

4. How you can help them, with testimonial(s) if possible

5. Repeat your name and company

6. Finish with a memory hook

“Hi, my name is xxxxx xxxxxx and I’m a 100% success coach in the industry of Network Marketing. The company I represent is called Kleeneze.”

“I show people how to earn an extra income of £50 – £250 per week in their spare time and then go on to build a business that pays a passive income in excess of £40,000 a year on a part-time or full-time basis. We do this without the headaches of a traditional business such as hiring staff, renting premises and holding stock”

“I’m looking for people who want an additional income stream or a way out of the 9-5 grind.”

“We’ve already helped thousands of people across the U.K. and Ireland change their lives and I’m personally looking to help 5 people this year.”

“So, my name is xxxxx xxxxxx, 100% success coach with Kleeneze.”

“If you want to work for the rest of your life, that’s your business. If you don’t that’s my business!”

Additional Tips

- Dress smart

- Be professional but approachable

- Get relevant people’s business cards and follow up for 1-2-1′s

The Advantages of the Business Video Production Over the Live Presentation

The IPO presentation is a fact of life. Companies need it to raise capital when private placement capital may not be enough. It can be either live, in person or live, over the Internet. While there are many advantages to doing a live demo, there are also many disadvantages. These disadvantages can be eliminated through the business video production.

Let’s talk about the types of presentations given today, starting with the live demo. Its obvious advantage is personal interaction and goodwill. This is a strong advantage, but the drawbacks are just as strong. The most obvious is the cost and hassle of travel. And the cost of airline tickets, hotels, and rental cars is only increasing. In addition, the modern father or mother is less willing to be away from the family for extended periods. For these reasons, not traveling is growing in popularity.

Which leads us to the webinar. A webinar is a meeting over the Internet. In a webinar, the viewer can see the computer of the presenter, and they can carry on a discussion over the phone or VOIP (voice over Internet protocol). A web cam improves the process by making the presenter visible to the viewer and, with a second camera, can even make the viewer visible to the presenter. With this optimal setup, the presenter has all of the advantages of the personal visit (the interpersonal interaction) without the disadvantages (cost and time away from home).

But both of these types of presentations have disadvantages that might not quickly come to mind. The first of these disadvantages is that, in both the personal visit and the webinar, the presenter’s presence is required. And it is required for each and every presentation. The same is true of the viewer. Obviously, the viewer must be present. The presence of two parties implies a time schedule. The two parties must come to an agreement on a time to meet. With today’s hectic schedules, finding this time can be difficult and can involve some phone tag to resolve.

The second disadvantage of the live presentation is the foibles and imperfections of all humans that come out as stumbles and fumbles. No matter how much we practice, we are doomed to imperfection, and the level of our professional mien is determined by the number of our “ers” and “ums” and slips of the tongue.

Once again, it’s developing technology to the rescue in the form of the high-definition video presentation. While this type of presentation has the disadvantage of the absence of direct human interaction, it overcomes the disadvantages of the live presentation and the webinar. Most obviously, it eliminates the need for the presenter to travel to the viewer’s site. Second, it saves the precious time of the presenter. Once the video presentation is perfected, it can be viewed an uncountable number of times by an uncountable number of people. Third, the problem of coordinating two or more schedules is eliminated. The video presentation can be viewed by each individual at whatever time is convenient, and the viewing can even be split into shorter segments that fit into the busy schedule. Finally, the perfected video has none of the slips of the tongue seen in any live presentation.

While there are many good reasons to give live presentations or presentations via webinar, the advantages of the business video production or IPO presentation outweigh the disadvantages of the live presentation. These disadvantages are the cost in time and dollars, the need to coordinate busy schedules, and the stumbles and fumbles that inevitably occur during a presentation.

Sony Presents The Move Controller

Wii is having Wiimote, Xbox 360 has Natal and the PlayStation 3 has the Move. Because so, Sony decided to call his own motion controller presented here under the original name of Eye Motion. And it’s a fairly complex controller, composed of three different devices, and labeled as a function somewhere between Natal and the Wiimote with Nunchuk.

More specifically, we have the main rod, 200*46 mm and 145 grams, easily recognizable by light ball on top. This is for main hand, and is the essential component of the Move’s. Its movement (in this case the light ball) is brought before the Board Eye, available for years. And on the other hand will be available on a rod, sold separately, with dimensions of 138*42 mm.

These two rods are providing the user a lot of buttons, and even a mini joystick, and incorporates gyroscopes and accelerometers for all three axes, plus a terrestrial magnetic field sensor. So motion is not brought before the Board only, but all these systems and sensors. And that’s why Sony assures us that Move is the most advanced motion controller.

Both controllers are based on Li-ion batteries for energy, and communicate among themselves and with the PS3 by radio (wireless). The user receives feedback by Move, in the form of vibrations of rods or ball color changing light.

Although Move is largely complete, Sony has decided to release it until the Autumn. And give time to this game studios to make compatible titles. It is hoped that by the end of 2010 a total of 20 games to support Move.

The price for this controller will be under $ 100. It remains to be seen which console will dominate the moving games. Wii from Nintendo is clear the best in this area at this moment.