Some New Christmas Presents For the Woman in Your Life

You are madly in love with your wife and your life revolves around the centre which is your wife. Christmas is approaching and it gives you an opportunity to shower her with latest Christmas presents to let her know how much she means to you. It should really not be difficult for you to choose Christmas gifts for her as you know her nature inside out, and also about her likes and hobbies. You even went to the mall to look for Christmas gifts, but the trip only increased your confusion and now you do not know where to get the inspiration from. To bail you out, here are some exciting activities that make very good Christmas presents and should make your wife very happy on the occasion of Christmas.

Chocolate making classes

If you wife has a sweet tooth and craves about cakes and chocolates, then buying a gift voucher for her to attend a short duration chocolate making classes could be a wonderful Christmas gift for her. This is pure fun, and to get a chance to learn many exotic types of Italian chocolates is a blessing in disguise for your wife. What is more, she will become a chocolate in her own right with a certificate in her name. You never know, but this small step of introducing her to chocolate making classes may turn out to be a new chapter in her life as she may take it as a career option later in her life. If your wife loves to eat chocolates, learning to make them will also let you save in future as she will excitedly make chocolates at home. It will give her immense pleasure and satisfaction to make different varieties of chocolates and let you taste them.

Gift baskets

In the last few years there has been a tradition of giving Christmas gift baskets to dear ones. These are baskets in many shapes and sizes that are uniquely and very artistically adorned and make very beautiful presents on the occasion of Christmas. It is not about the baskets alone; these baskets are also filled with gifts of probably all the items that you can think of for your dear ones. You can search for gift baskets filled with items that might be of particular interest for your wife.

If however, you have been to the markets and could not find a readymade basket full of goodies to provide thrill to your wife on the occasion of Christmas, you still have an option. You can buy empty basket and then start your buying spree to fill it with all sorts of gift items that might excite your wife.

If you wife loves perfumes, there is an unbelievable range of exotic perfumes in the market which you can buy to fill the basket with. One thing is important, and that is to top your gifts with chocolates and cakes to make the gift even more appealing and attractive. Do not forget to keep a personal ‘I love you’ note inside the basket.

40th Birthday Presents

Working for the past 20 years in a personalised gift shop has given me literally 1000′s of ideas for a 40th birthday presents. The first thing that I tell any customer looking for a 40th birthday gift is to choose something that you think the person will still treasure in years to come.

I will often tell husbands buying for wives to choose jewellery as it will last for many years and can also be inscribed which makes it that more special. Personalisation of gifts is something that I have become an expert in, and I can say hand on heart that it can turn a normal present into something amazing.

An example could be the average gift of a bottle of wine. On its own its not particularly interesting or even that attractive. However if we added a personalised label to the bottle and was even able to obtain a bottle from a year that was very special to the recipient then this is now a present to be proud of.

Gifts for women can be as simple as their favourite chocolate or as magnificent as a 4 day pass to their favourite 5 star hotel. With any type of gift, if you can add a touch of yourself to it then it becomes a lot more personal. If you booked a holiday for your 40 year old wife, then try and fill the room with her favourite flowers and get scented candles for the bathroom. Make sure her favourite magazine/book is available. Try and add those extra special touches that will make the present magical and remembered in many years to come.

Finding a 40th Birthday present can be difficult but remember that time taken to find the perfect gift is all part of the experience. Try to enjoy thinking about what your loved one will enjoy. Once you have the perfect gift then the smile on their face will make it all worth it.

Getting To “Yes” – Negotiating With Panache

I have recently helped several clients negotiate better contracts for themselves. Not just better financially, but more aligned with professional goals they have and the types of work they actually enjoy doing. Negotiation is a steep learning curve for many, but vital to understand.

Getting to “Yes” – Negotiating with Panache

The higher you climb up the professional ladder, the more your daily work life revolves around negotiations for both you and your team mates. Most people initially think of salary packages when considering negotiation skills. However, these skills can range from eliciting help from colleagues to getting support for your new ideas from more senior colleagues and board members.

Identify your main goal for the negotiation and where you would be prepared to compromise. Always go in asking for a bit more than you would like, more money for a project, more salary or holiday entitlement, more funding for staff training. If you have an idea of what your main goals are, the areas on which you compromise will seem like “gifts” or concessions to the other side, making you appear more reasonable and willing to negotiate.

Do not remain so attached to the idea of “winning” the argument. Putting your point of view forward without seeming to be attached to the results helps others lower their guard, relax and be able to see your perspective. Going in with a cross to bear only elicits resistance and tension in others. If you stick to the benefits and logic of an argument, often others will embrace it and sometimes even think of it as their idea – a major benefit if you want implementation more than recognition.

Top Tips for Effective Negotiation

1. Assume everyone has influence. When trying to land a sale or impress at an interview, never assume you know who is completely in charge. Heads of organisations often take advice from a wide range of people, so don’t concentrate your efforts only on one person. A kind word for a secretary or personal assistant often helps just getting you the interview slot you want and in fact, many executives will solicit information about your demeanour from their staff. So don’t wait to turn on the charm until you see the whites of the CEO’s eyes – greet everyone with respect.

2. When entering a negotiation, listen to the other side first. You will frequently hear priorities that overlap with your point of view. Verbally recognise these points and build them into a foundation for the concept you are proposing. Listening also conveys that you want this to be a collaborative process, a good start for any negotiator.

3. Verbally reflect what they are saying to convey that you understand what they want. Use phrases like “What I hear you saying is-” or “If I understand you correctly -”. This allows them to correct any miscommunication while demonstrating they are truly being heard; an invaluable asset for any negotiation.

4. After listening, start by emphasising the points with which you agree. Shared priorities and experiences allow differences of opinion to be only one part of the story of how you both want to move forward.

5. If you can, phrase all of your questions in an open manner avoiding answers that are likely to begin with “No”. Limiting the usage of this word keeps the atmosphere feeling collaborative, not combative.

6. At the end, summarise the agreements, actions points and compromises each side will be taking from the meeting and minute the details as this can eliminate problems or back-tracking later on.